Why should i paint my windows?

It grabs people's attention. If you are the only one in the area with a splash, it's size, brilliance, design and message will overwhelm all other signs nearby. It will demand your attention first. This maximum sign impact will set the hook and your message will reel the customers in.

How long do window splashes last?

Window splashes are designed for temporary advertising. Our standard colors are guaranteed for 7-10 years without fading. Our flouresent colors will fade in about 6 months. 

how do you clean it off?

We always recommend getting a professional to clean off the paint. We offer our cleaning services for 35% of the cost to paint it. 

If i have my own designs, can you paint them?

Absolutely! Having your own designs is easier for us and cheaper for you! 

will it beneifit my business?

 According to the National Association of Advertisers, on-premises signage costs much less per impression than any other form of advertising. In general, surveys have shown that on-site signage typically increases foot traffic between 20-50%, compared to only 2% for radio advertising, 5% for television, and 8% for newspaper advertising.

how much does it cost?

Pricing will depend on size, complexity, how many words, how much artwork.
The best thing to do contact us for a quote.
Remember, these signs don't cost, they pay by attracting customers, new and old. Window splashes rank at the top for a highly visible, cost effective way to promote your business